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inVentiv Health's Digital+Innovation Partners with Appinions Analytics to Identify and Rank the Most Influential People in Healthcare

Proprietary Healthcare Influence Index Helps Optimize Communications Campaigns to have More Impact and Achieve Greater Success in Reaching Patients

NEW YORK, NY – February 3, 2014 – inVentiv Health Communication’s digital consultancy, inVentiv Digital+Innovation, today announced a strategic alliance with influence analytics company Appinions to develop the first “Health Influence Index,” an innovative tool to improve multichannel, healthcare marketing campaigns.

The proprietary Healthcare Influence Index identifies those people, brands, companies and organizations whose opinions influence large groups of people, including patients. The Index uses data gathered from across the Web to create a proprietary ranking of the most influential voices in diabetes, cancer, depression, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

Built on more than a decade of research at Cornell University, Appinions’ proprietary software identifies, analyzes and measures influence based on content from more than six million sources, including traditional and digital media, blog and social media forums.

Digital+Innovation collaborated with Appinions to combine their technology with inVentiv’s broad global expertise in dozens of therapeutic areas to create the rankings of disease-specific influentials, the first of its kind in healthcare. The work was shaped by inVentiv’s core expertise in communications, drawn from its healthcare communications network the second largest healthcare communications business in the world.

“By combining inVentiv’s expertise with Appinions’ sophisticated analytics platform, our Digital+Innovation team has developed exclusive rankings to help clients identify spheres of influence that can be harnessed to educate stakeholders,” said Ritesh Patel, global head of inVentiv Digital+Innovation. “The result is more effective communications campaigns.”

inVentiv Health clients gain access to robust insights into how conversations around disease states are trending. They can identify who is most influential in online conversations concerning specific diseases and conditions. Such insights help companies more successfully reach patients and healthcare professionals with more relevant and tailored campaigns that produce measurable impact and more successful outcomes.

The first Index provides a snapshot of the most influential people on the subject of diabetes.

The Diabetes Influence Study identified, evaluated and compared the influence of advocacy and regulatory organizations, celebrities, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical professionals. The ability to identify and leverage high-profile influencers in a health campaign can enhance efforts to change behaviors or raise awareness of treatments.

“We can’t imagine an industry where our data could have a more meaningful impact than healthcare,” said Larry Levy, co-founder and CEO of Appinions. “Our data, combined with inVentiv’s strategic communications expertise, will help clients design campaigns that are more effective, measurable and successful.”

Appinions technology already has been widely recognized and used outside the healthcare sector. The company recently was tapped by Forbes to conduct a second annual Chief Marketing Officer Influence study that identified the most influential CMOs and the subjects they were discussing. It provided Forbes’ readers with thought-provoking insights into current marketing topics and reinforced Forbes’ reputation for delivering quality content.

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About Appinions
Appinions is the only opinion-powered influence marketing platform designed to give companies the unmatched ability to identify, analyze, engage, monitor and measure influencers. Built on more than a decade of Cornell University research, Appinions extracts and aggregates opinions from more than six million sources including blogs, social networks, forums, newspapers and magazine articles, thus providing a more complete picture of influence. Appinions helps today’s businesses insert trust into the purchase journey. For more information on the science of influence marketing, visit

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