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Campbell Alliance describes the environmental shifts underway in the marketplace that are impacting or will impact sales representatives and the competencies that they will need to succeed in a changing landscape.

Business Climate, Sales Representatives

To quantify the impact of marketing activities on physician prescribing behavior in a mature drug category, inVentiv Health studied the promotion of three statin brands. The findings reveal that marketing efforts do affect brand share positively. However, the magnitude of the effects is very brand specific.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing

Campbell Alliance shows how medical affairs leaders can find new and better ways to define, measure, and communicate the value of their organization’s function to the rest of the company.

Medical Affairs

Executives from Campbell Alliance’s Business Development practice detail the considerations ex-US companies will need to make as they weigh commercial opportunities in the US.

Business Development

Campbell Alliance outlines 10 specific transformative trends about which every oncology product marketer and developer should be informed.



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